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Welcome to our blog posts

Welcome to!

Here you will find lots of great places to go visit and learn more about Second Life then you might have thought existed. I do walking tours in SL to find the most interesting places just for you.

I try to not only do walking tours but also cover musical events and venues. There are so many places to go in SL that it is almost overwhelming! No matter what you are into you can find many places in second life to explore, join, and enjoy.

Now, that being said there are some places that you need to careful of. In addition to many places to explore in second life there are role playing worlds that can get a bit nuts. So, you need to be a bit cautious and be ready to teleport home. That shouldn’t stop you for searching places and if you run into people who don’t want you there, then politely leave. That is always good form.

There are many educational places to see too. You can learn to build, script, or the like. There are many sims that cover history, NASA, physics and engineering. You can also to shopping for your avatar! Yes you can purchase body parts and clothing for your avatar. Everyone is mostly unique, especially when they stay in the game longer, they want to look like their thoughts for a “second life”. You can be anything you want here in second life and that is the fun of it.

You can socialize at dance clubs, or even period or dated in time like the RMS Titanic. You can move forward in time as well. Little is out of your reach in second life. Also, you can interact with the second life world by driving vehicles, jumping from planes or even flying those planes. There is boating and sailing too. Some of the largest corporations are in second life too. You can go make a pair of shoes for your avatar FREE from Nike and they use that as marketing data for future real-world manufacturing. So, join second life and start exploring the many wonderful places found in world!

Peatrovich Papp