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Holidays in SL

Holidays in Second Life??? You bet!

In the USA we have a holiday about every month and many people in second life create great places to go and enjoy the holidays. In October we get Halloween and I have to say there are many great places to visit to get into the mood. There are haunted houses, haunted hunts (where you compete to find objects all the while being in a haunted sim). Note: sim is the term used for a large area in second life all of which is digital and resides in a server somewhere in San Francisco.

Christmas is especially cerebrated, and you can find so many places to go enjoy the spirit of that time of year. I have included one such walking tour I took recently so make sure to watch it! I’m even having a musical event on my sim or island as I like to call it for new years eve… featuring some of the best artists in Second Life playing at 8 PM on December 31.

Some of the sims do nothing but theme for the holiday of the month so they are always building and rebuilding. I can tell you once you built something once, the next time even gets better as you have more ideas to bring to life on the next build. You say building, what do you mean by that?

Building in Second Life can come in various forms. However, the first one was, and I still build in this way, by using some they call primitives or prim for short. All objects are made up of one or more of the 15 various prims you can choose from. You have cut, taper, and texture them into what ever you are making. I also have a short video on how to build a chair I will include here too so you understand what goes on with building.

Learning to build is not only fun but very rewarding. That said you don’t have to build but rather you can purchase the item(s) you want from the Second Life Marketplace on the web [], where you can find anything you might want to purchase. Then all you have to do is take your purchase back to your home and rezz it on the floor. Then you can move it where you want! So go explore and enjoy Second Life!!!

Peatrovich Papp