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Hawaiian Tiki build

Portfolio Tiki Build

A closer look at a Tiki build!

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This is one of my Tiki builds. Here you well see a cute, small, Hawaiian theme build. It’s a multilevel build in that you have porches in the lower front then a single level build with 2 more outdoor porches. Inside are basically two rooms, the living room, and the bedroom. The living room can be a gathering place but the one large outside porch will be the best. There is one more private porch just off the living room.


The build is all Hawaiian in its decoration and layout of being open for enjoying the outside. Although open, the inside of the house allows for privacy when desired. Designed to allow you to really enjoy the natural beauty of the island yet can give you privacy when you might want those close moments of thought or activity. In the film, I find a few bamboo poles that I didn’t have an end cap, but I did fix those. Lots of time was spent on the detail of the home and the textures so you can get the real essence of Hawaii! Enjoy