The most fun that you can have with your cloths ON

This, oddly enough, is one of the more popular videos at my sight. I guess lots would like to know how to terra form!

How to build a picture in second life. Fun and easy but these skills go to building many things in second life.

How to build a simple chair for SL

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives, Natoma (187, 171, 26) - General

This is a great place to start to learn about building with primitives. It’s worth your while if you even think about building. I had others teach me the basics but I wish I knew about this place! This is where you can learn to build in second life with primitives (prim). It’s a great place to come and learn at your own pace. The library has 4 floors so don’t forget to visit each one when you are ready. They also have a “sandbox” area to practice with your new prim knowledge; therefore, you don’t need land to learn how to build.

The particle laboratory

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