This is a new island for me so I wanted a page to show the island off all by its self. 

The Lava Flow

The Lava Flow on the island of Dreamworld Treasure, owned and built by Peatrovich Papp. Here you are going to see our Lava Flow build and that is all I can say not to spoil the viewing enjoyment.

The Rock Waterfall

The rock waterfall house or hidden place!

Josie's House

This is my RL roommate’s house on Second Life. It’s the first time I built an aquarium in the floor of the build.

Cleopatra's Sunken Palace

They just found this in Egypt so I build a small rendition of it here in Second Life.

The Lanai

This is our Lanai which is a great place to just relax and we have a special game there to play too. 

The Mermaid Night Club

The Pirates Bar

The Tiki bar was always built to be a community asset for the island. This new edition has a small DJ area so we can have some live music and dance.

The Mermaid Cove

The Mermaid Cove is a small and cozy build. This is where you can set and watch the fish and enjoy a drink plus company. The company is “bring your own or meet them there,” haha.

The Entertainment Center