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Information on Luna Bliss Skyboxes

WELCOME TO SKYSPHERES By Luna Bliss — Menu-controlled Holodeck skyboxes that rez complex scenes/environments (some with homes inside).
“Holodeck” means you can add multiple scenes that change instantly via one click.

Each SkySphere comes with a Transport Flower that (after sitting on it and clicking) flies you to the sky to rez your SkySphere.
You can add more scenes to your Transport Flower, or you can use just one as a typical standalone skybox.

SkySpheres have interactive features in them like magic decks or rocks that rez many accessories.

*** Asian Bliss SkySphere ***

A blissfully lovely Oriental setting including waterfalls that flow into a large pond, a forest with Japanese trees and flowers, 2 Japanese bridges, Japanese lanterns, and a treehouse with a platform that rezzes poses and other accessories.

~ Copyable
~ Modifiable (except for some sculpted trees)
~ 227 Prims
~ Magic Rock Included in the forest (a rock that rezzes accessories – poses, food, sounds,candles, and more)
~ Magic Deck included in the treehouse
~ Treehouse included
~ Additional Poses included (floating on pond)

* EASY SETUP — Inside each purchase box is the SkySphere and a transport flower. After opening the purchase box just rez the transport flower and drop your SkySphere into it – the transport flower will then take you to the sky to rez any SkySphere scene you have placed inside the transport flower.

* COPYABLE — All SkySpheres are copyable.

* PRIM COUNT — Prim count and sizes are listed on each purchase box. Most SkySpheres are low prim, but some containing houses and furnishings have a higher prim count.

* MODIFIABLE — All parts are modifable except for some sculpted trees (this makes it easy to remove elements if you need to save prims, or to build your own home or add whatever you want inside your SkySphere).

* INTERACTIVE FEATURES — All SkySpheres come with one or more objects that rez interactive features (objects such as rocks and decks that rez poses, food, campfires, weather, and more when you click them). They are named Magic Rezzing Rock, Magic Rezzing Deck, Magic Rezzing Raft, and are themed to match each style of SkySphere. In addition other poses are scattered throughout the SkySphere (they are a bit hidden so as not to disturb the natural view).

* HEIGHT CHOICES FOR REZZING — After purchase you can choose rezzing heights from the menu.

* ‘OWNER ONLY’ CONTROLS — SkySpheres have a lock so you can choose to block others from changing scenes if you prefer. You can also choose to allow group access to the menu.

*SECURITY — SkySpheres have built-in security and will send a warning if intruders enter. (if your land is not group owned it will also eject the intruder). The security system is very simple and easy to use, and a note card within the purchase box provides full instructions.

*AUTO DELETE FEATURE — The SkySphere automatically deletes when you ride the flower back to the ground so that prims don’t build up in the sky. However if you’d like to keep your SkySphere permanently in the sky (for example if you are building in it) just delete the transport flower after rezzing the SkySphere (or take it back into inventory), or simply leave the transport flower there and teleport out. Make a Landmark while inside the SkySphere so you can get back to your permanently rezzed SkySphere after you teleport out of it.

* SKYSPHERE SIZES — Most SkySpheres are 60×60, but some are smaller or larger (the size of each one is listed on the purchase box). Read the ‘size information’ section below to determine what parcel size you need.

* WATERFALLS INFO — Many waterfalls are created with particles for a realistic look and to save prims, so make sure your particle settings are set to high in Preferences for best viewing:
(Edit >>> Prefernce >>> Graphics >>> Put a check in the ‘custom’ box >>> slide the slider for ‘Max. Particle Count’ up to 8192).

* HOW TO PURCHASE — You can purchase individual scenes by clicking on the purchase boxes that surround the DEMO area, or online at the Marketplace.

* ADDITIONAL SCENES — You can purchase only one scene or all scenes available and drop them into your transport flower so you can change scenes with one click.
* Buy 3 SkySpheres and get 1 free (read the ‘special offer’ section below for details).


You can load any size SkySphere into your transport flower (fox example, you can load in 40m sizes with the 60m or 100m sizes), but be sure your land is large enough to support it.
SkySpheres will not rez across parcel lines, so if your parcel is small make sure you place the flower transport in the center of your land.

The size of the parcel of land you own/rent is listed in the About Land box under the General tab.

40×40 Skybox needs at least a 2048 square meter parcel
60×60 Skybox needs a 4024 square meter parcel
80×80 Skybox needs a 7048 square meter parcel
100×100 Skybox needs a 10096 square meter parcel

* If you need a footprint prim to measure the size of your land please contact me.


* Buy 3 and get 1 free (buy any 3 SkySpheres and get the 4th one free).
If you want to buy only one at first to check them out be sure and register each purchase with me if you plan on partipating in the ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ offer in the future (you can email me to register at LunaBliss@LunaBliss.us or drop a note card on me). This way I can easily keep track of your purchases.