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Here we have our second page of walking tours!

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Here is something else! 9 sims put into one large area to explore. I only went into one of these so you get to explore the rest. Beautiful build, peaceful, fun, and relaxing

Tegatti Engineering makes boats, planes, and ground equipment vehicles! Go visit the vehicles and they even have a bar!

This is on the sim of Talakin Boatyard, Talakin (127, 135, 22) – Moderate or look up Tegatti Engineering

Luna Bliss the most incredible place in Second Life!

This is one of the best locations in SL. Absolutely beautiful, creative, and so much more. You can purchase plants, skyboxes and all the most beautiful you have ever seen. I think it’s like 10 sims all together so you can spend days in this place! When you arrive you should get one of their HUDs to wear and navigate around looking for things you want, or never knew you wanted! Also see the show notes [click here for skybox information]

Peatrovich Papp

Santa Town... Xmas in second life!

This is santa town in SL. We have many Xmas themed sims so just don't stop at one! Every month has a holiday in it and manytimes sim owners live to decorate for the holidays. Enjoy

We are going to Italy! Tuscany to be exact.

The RMS Titanic in Second Life

This is not only a great build but also a great place to dance, shop, and hang out! Recreated with extreme care to detail which makes it a great place to visit in SL.

Their in SL connection is RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams est. 2007, Desolate (188, 170, 29) – Moderate

Their Website is https://titanicsecondlife.nl/

Enjoy Peatrovich Papp

Welcome to Prim River Camp Grounds all in SL!

Yes camping and outdoor activities all in Second Life! Prim River Camp Grounds can be found at 68, 229,35 on the grid in Second Life!

This is my island and I wanted to build an asymmetrical house. I started and got much of a large box house but the roof and the interior have lots of hidden things that just became a wonder to enjoy.